Monday, 14 April 2008

E51 has built in GPS - NOT!

As of today (and for at least the last four weeks) T-mobile UK ( are advertising an E51 ( and an E51 with Copilot ( as having a built in GPS receiver. Check under View Details and then phone features/connectivity.
This is obviously incorrect and very misleading.
T-mobile have been informed about this repeatedly and have done nothing about it.
I am a BIG fan of T-mobile, however, I will give them 'stick' when it is deserved.
And in this case it is deserved for being so calcitrant about their obligations to their customers (current or future).
So if you have an E51 from T-mobile give 'em a call and kick up stink for misselling and failing to rectify their mistake.
I will reveal shortly what they gave me as a gesture of goodwill.

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